make me hold you 


then i’m just a ghost

air-conditioned love is 






hmmmmmmm! whats this?!

pumpkin float/milkshake

want!!! give me recipe meow

just in case we all die i have this q’d for december 22nd because i want this to be my last post




hmmmmmmm! whats this?!

pumpkin float/milkshake

want!!! give me recipe meow

just in case we all die i have this q’d for december 22nd because i want this to be my last post

no if you think i am sleeping on that bed with my aunt you are wrong i cant even fit comfortably on it with my sister i hate being touched i hate sleeping with people unless i am extremely close to them no fuck this

ok so anyone who wants my new url like this and i’ll send it to you privately

tbh this is probably the last time im posting this

hollyjollymadrid replied to your post: Cut the shit.


im sdfasd i love you omg

emmalyn said: Um, yeah. I work in politics professionally, and if it were me making a hiring decision, I’d kick someone who’d do those sorts of horrible things to the curb. *hugs*

Yeah a few weeks ago she came into my ask not realizing it was me and asked for me to vote for her. Yes let me just get the pen out right now and scribble your name you shit. ANYWAYS. I wouldn’t have even had the guts to mention this to people before she pulled this shit on me. Now she’s fucked. Too bad for her, should have left me alone. -hugs- ;-;

I lied. I’m gonna talk about a few more things.

Like how this fucking obsessive person broke up with their boyfriend after they raped me to try to get with me, how I had to pretend to be interested by use a fucking fake promise i made with her ex as an excuse to not let her put her gross disgusting hands on my body again.

Like how relieved I was when we stopped being “friends”.

Like how I was forced to “make up” with her by the fucking school nurse and had to hug her or else.

Like how it’s a relief to know she will never touch me again so long as I never see her again.

Like how the summer after we stopped being friends she got the same fucking hair I had when we first met, how she fucking dyed it the same color as my natural hair.

How last year she cut it my length like a week after I had Liz cut mine and dyed it the same color again.

Like how she’s that goddamn obsessive and scary she tries to be me.

I wish she would fucking look at the shit she’s done as if it were being done to her so MAYBE SHE COULD FUCKING ACTUALLY SEE THAT IT’S NOT OKAY.


Cut the shit.

Seriously, how miserable are you that you really fucking try to make me miserable, huh? You really that bored and tired of your shitty privileged life that you have to hunt down my blog and send me asks about how YOU refuse to accept what YOU did to me was rape? And then you fucking dare tell me you won’t leave me alone when I tell you to? And you fucking find ways around my blocks and redirections and force me to make a new blog where I refuse to fucking post pics of myself or my art so you can’t identify me? And now you have to write posts about me not having a job and how pathetic it is?

Let’s get this straight, you fucking peahen brained bitch, DO NOT fucking act like you are better than me because you have a job.

  1. You got experience at a younger age than I did.
  2. You are thinner than me by a lot, you always have been.
  3. You don’t have social anxiety that fucking limits everything you do.

So the next time you want to write a post about how you “don’t get” how people my age can’t have had a job yet, and you want to include how you ~know your privileged~, but


Just don’t.

I know you’re hellbent on making me miserable but is it worth it coming out looking like a pathetic jackass with nothing better to do than to stalk and try to hurt someone? Okay, honestly, I’m betting the answer is yes because you’re a self-important piece of shit who thinks only of herself and her own pleasure (proof is in the pudding you rapist piece of shit).  

You want to keep trying to hurt me? Okay. That’s your fucking problem you obsessive fuck. This is the last time I’m addressing your existence on this tumblr. I hope you read it you fucking assnugget ball of shit peanuts. But I seriously suggest finding better things to do - like focusing on that 40 hours a week minimum wage job you’re holding over my head like a dark cloud to try to fucking appear like you’re oh so better than me. Or studying for college.

P.S., good luck trying to become a politician. If you don’t think I’m going to fucking mention the shit you’ve done to people discussing you if you even get that far, you’re wrong.


hahaha wow ouch oh my god i’m being so melodramatic